IM Video Ads Training includes over the shoulder video training and case studies on how to drive unlimited amounts of traffic to any offer using YouTube And Facebook Video Ads.

Sales Funnel & Commissions

Front End: $47.00 - You earn 50% commission.

Upsell: IM VIP Training Yearly Special $197 Per Year - You earn 50% commission.

Downsell: IM VIP Training Trial $1 / $29.95 Per Month  - You earn 50% commission.

Upsell/Downsell 2 : IM Funnels - 6 Funnels - $19.95 - You earn 60% commission.

Upsell 3 : IM Funnels Pro - 10 Extra Funnels - $37.00 - You earn 60% commission.

Upsell 4 : IM Funnels Reseller Licence - $297.00 - You earn 50% commission.

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Unlimited Targeted Traffic?

IM Video Ads Is LIVE

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Straight off the bat, this is super important for your business or you will fail.

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Kevin Fahey who’s been marketing online since 2007 is finally spilling the beans on how his business is able to generate hundreds of leads every single day.

He’s created a step by step video training course covering the 2 biggest video platforms for online advertising and breaks apart everything you need to know

Think you know FB Video Ads for example?

I did as well until I went over this course and it blew me away.

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Without Traffic You Will Fail

Pricing Increasing Fast (Awesome Feedback)

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Earlier I sent you an email about Kevin Fahey’s new course called IM Video Ads.

Hundreds have already snapped up their copy and the price is increasing fast.

This is hands down the best training course you’ll find on YouTube and Facebook Video ads.

You’ll get 11 step by step training videos and two webinars for a single low cost price.

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Everything is covered is great detail.

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Subject: Traffic


Quick question…

You don’t see Frank Kern on Facebook all day, do you?

The answer would be no.

Nor would you see him spending hours writing blog posts or building backlinks?

No sir!

You wouldn’t find him kissing up to affiliates to promote his stuff either.

Hell no!

So how does he get traffic?

The simple answer: He pays for it.

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